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For students who are looking for an intensive practical filmmaking and screen acting course. We will write, perform and direct in our own short films, commercials, documentaries and music videos Suitable for beginners, no previous experience is required 


  • What we will cover on the course
  • Introduction and filmmaking overview
  • Screen acting
  • Overview of screenwriting 
  • Introduction to producing 
  • Introduction to directing 
  • Camera 
  • Lighting 
  • Sound training 
  • Screenwriting 
  • Practical exercise 
  • Introduction to editing 
  • Review of your filmed exercise 


This is an intensive practical course which offers a comprehensive range of filmmaking skills, allowing students to explore the processes of visual storytelling, interpreting scripts, devising narrative storylines and developing a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of film production. Students will cover cinematography, sound recording, editing, directing and production skills, equipping themselves with an independent approach to filmmaking. 

- Learn about the role of director, including directing actors and preparing for a shoot using storyboards, script mark-ups and technical floor plans 

- Discover the role of screenwriter and the stages of story development 

Acting for screen, we will look at acting text, character objectives and emotional memory techniques to create truthful performances.

- Receive camera training and technical operation skills, including the effect of differing focal length lenses, digital camera, the principles of shot composition, master short, close-ups and cutaways 

- Become familiar with the role of the sound recordist by learning about sound kit, working with sound equipment and recording dialogues 

- Receive introduction to cinematography by learning about lighting and the basics of shot composition 

- Develop postproduction skills to be able to edit your screen content 

- Direct a short sequence to practise on-set procedures, camera operation, sound recording and directing commands.